France, Germany Pledge Closer Ties 01/21 09:48

France, Germany Pledge Closer Ties     01/21 09:48

   PARIS (AP) -- French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela 
Merkel have pledged to agree on a new French-German treaty this year to deepen 
cooperation between the two countries.

   In a joint statement Sunday, both leaders say they will seek closer economic 
ties and convergence on tax issues.

   They also want to develop a common diplomatic approach, boost cooperation on 
foreign affairs and security including the fight against terrorism, and "defend 
more effectively French-German common interest and values."

   The statement was timed to commemorate 55 years since the signing of the 
1963 Elysee friendship treaty, which marked the reconciliation between France 
and Germany after World War II.

   The leaders also pledged to improve cooperation in education and research 
and to develop joint proposals for climate protection.


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