Choosing the Perfect Fuel Company—For You

Choosing a new fuel supplier after you have had a long standing relationship with your current supplier can be extremely stressful.  Stressful, but sometimes a necessary part of your business process.  Has your business model grown or changed in some way?  Is your supplier still fulfilling all of your current needs?  What are your top priorities when choosing a new fuel supplier?  I know we all immediately turn to the price of the product- but what if Supplier A was lower in price than Supplier B; but with Supplier A you were constantly running out of product or you were never able to contact the company representative when you had questions or needed assistance?  Supplier B is always available, they had a system in place that allowed them to know the amount of fuel in your tank(s) at all times?  Would you pay a little extra for excellent service and a premium product?

Business Owners’ Fuel Concerns

Having many conversations with local business owners I have encountered many of the same questions & concerns.  Below, I have listed five major concerns that seem to weigh heavy on business owners minds.

  1. I can’t afford to run out of fuel, how will I be sure that my tanks will be full?
  2. What happens if I have a fuel related breakdown?
  3. Who do I call if I have a problem after normal business hours?
  4. How will I know if I am making the right decision to lock in pricing or buy off the open market?
  5. Can I buy all of my energy products from the same supplier, rather than dealing with different companies for each product (ex: oil/grease or propane or fuel).
Providing Solutions for Your Concerns

At CHS Larsen Cooperative, we are invested in our customers’ best interests; so, we have addressed these major concerns.

  1. We have a monitored tank system for both propane and fuel tanks, which ensures you will always have fuel when you need it. This keeps you operating efficiently and making money!
  2. Fuel related issues? Not a problem, CHS Larsen Co-op with Cenex offers the Total Protection Plan (TPP) which is one of the best equipment warranties on the market. How do you qualify?  Just use our fuel and oil products!
  3. Your Energy Specialist are always available to assist with questions, concerns or operational issues, as well as an emergency phone number where our customer service representatives are available at all times; Day or Night / Weekend or Holidays. We are here for you.
  4. Our Energy Specialists are always aware of the ever changing market conditions and share this information with our customers daily. They are able to give you all of the information you need to make the best buying decision for your business.
  5. CHS Larsen Cooperative offers a complete line of Cenex fuel, Cenex oil & grease as well as propane. Imagine, one invoice for all of your fuel needs!  Your bookkeeper will thank you.
We are Here for You

We have a fully staffed service department that is available for repairs as minor as a diesel pump change out; to larger jobs like hooking up your new grain dryer system with propane.

As you can see, we care about our customers and their success.  After all, your success is our success.  As your business grows, we want to grow with you.  Wouldn’t you rather buy your energy products from a partner that is invested in your future, rather than buying from just another fuel company?

by Kim Leisner, Energy Sales Manager

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  1. I totally agree that in choosing a fuel delivery service for one’s home or company, they should choose the business who offers all of the energy products that they need, as this eliminates the need to deal with multiple suppliers. We are in need of fuel for our water heater tank, and at the same time, we will need to have our car refueled once they come. I will certainly do business with a fuel delivery service that has this quality, so that getting different services is easier.

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