Deferred Pay Fall Applied Fertilizer


Think back just a few months and we’ll remember the many challenges we faced with the wet spring and summer. One of those challenges was applying fertilizer to your fields. Now ask ourselves “What can I do differently to avoid this challenge next spring?” The answer, “Apply your P and K fertilizer in the fall.” Applying P and K fertilizer in the fall has even greater advantages, than just eliminating a challenge in a wet spring. It is a very sound and proven agronomic practice. Your fertilizer is where it should be working for you. It’s prior to spring soil compaction as it is not an issue. It eliminates a trip across the field in the spring giving you more time to get your crops planted, and CHS Larsen Co-op can provide more prompt service as well as fertilizer prices are historically lower this time of year.

I often get remarks like “I’d like to apply my fertilizer in the fall but I don’t know if I want to tie money up for that long.”

We at CHS Larsen Co-op have a tool for you to use to take advantage of the best of both worlds.

You can apply your fertilizer this fall and not pay for it until March 31, 2018. As far as your cash flow goes it is similar to spring applied fertilizer without the hassle of dealing with unknown spring conditions.

And just like the guy on television selling the one time offer deal. — “Wait, we are not done yet.”

We’ll include custom application charges too, buy wait there is more, we can include your crop input financing under this program as well.

Think about working smarter, getting field work done in a timelier manner and taking the guess work out of what the weather will do next spring by applying your P and K this fall.

Ask your CHS Larsen Co-op agronomist about this financing program or call Dave Banks at 920-982-1111.

By Dave Banks, CHS Larsen Co-op Loan Officer

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