Is Your Diesel Fuel Up to the Challenge


About 10 years ago engine designers were tasked with new EPA standards for less emissions and better fuel economy.  In 2007, the common rail system was born!  Since then more stringent emissions standards have been put in place.  This has created upgrades to the common rail system, since 2010 there have been two major upgrades performed, these upgrades have created a diesel fuel engine that has extreme pressure and heat with lower tolerances.  The major side effect of this heat & pressure has been “cooked fuel.”  Over the past 10 years farmers are seeing more filter changes and higher down time than ever before.

I have created a four part series with some examples of how Cenex Ruby Fieldmaster & Roadmaster have come to the rescue and addressed these fuel related issues that are associated with the common rail system.  Please turn your sound up on your computer or phone and watch this overview of the common rail system as it pertains to you.

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