Filter Prices Got You Down?


Preventative maintenance like engine oil and fuel filter changes are part of farming, but having to change a fuel filter between oil changes, can not only be a pain in the keester, it can get expensive too!  As we have discussed previously, the high pressure and heat from the new engines are causing fuel to “cook,” creating a gum like substance and carbonaceaous deposits.  These two items will plug up a filter quicker than you can say “I don’t have time for this!”  The injection stabilizer in Cenex fuels helps prevent the fuel from “cooking” thus keeping your filter cleaner for longer.

With the average cost of a tractor fuel filter being $100, don’t you owe it to yourself to use a fuel that will give your filters the long life they deserve?

Please listen to Joe Trudeau, as he explains how one small change in fuel made a huge difference for his business.

By Kim Leisner, Energy Sales Manager

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