Fuel Injector Problems Are No Problem for Us!

Fuel injector deposits have become a regular occurrence in Tier 3 & Tier 4  engines.  Injector deposits create power loss, fuel economy reduction and even complete injection failure.  As we all know, there is not time for any kind of failure when you are planting or harvesting your crops.

Cenex fuels are specially formulated to prevent injector problems due to the new engine standards. Our detergents keep the fuel clean, while injection stabilizers make sure the injectors stay clean, then there is the corrosion inhibitor that helps keep the rust away.

Look at the difference Cenex fuel can make on your injections…

Fuel injector

Fouled Injector

Fuel injectorEnhanced Cenex Premium Diesel®


Please watch as some of our friends from the West talk about their experience with standard #2 vs Cenex fuels.


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