Grease is Grease….Right?


When looking at grease, most would think that all greases are the same; and as long as I am greasing my equipment regularly, no matter the name brand or type of grease…I am ok!
Here is the first question I would ask you, “why are you choosing the grease you are using now?”

Brand loyalty: My father used it, my grandfather used it my great-grandfather used it and I use it.

Grease Color:  The red grease is the best!

Price: I grease every day, I’m not gonna buy that “expensive” stuff, and waste money.

Accessibility: I buy my grease at the gas station, I’m there filling my truck up anyway.

Friendships: I buy my grease from Jim, he is my neighbor, we’ve been friends for years…and his sister is real pretty!

All of these reasons may seem legitimate, but have you ever stopped and wondered if there isn’t more to choosing a grease than the above mentioned? Think about this for a second – are you using the correct grease for the application?  I wouldn’t think that a multipurpose grease created for small engines and passenger vehicles would be the grease you would want to use in a backhoe or a pay loader.  That would be like putting 87 grade gasoline in Dale Jr’s Race car.  Doesn’t make any sense.  Yes, I agree that the multipurpose grease is easily accessible and most likely more economical than a higher grade grease.  But by using the incorrect grease in your equipment, you are greasing more often than necessary, when lubricating twice as much as needed, I can’t imagine you would be saving a whole lot of money.  The extreme heat and pressure given off by backhoe’s and pay loaders are creating way to much friction for this grease to handle and it will ultimately fail- leaving you with no lubrication to protect your equipment and potential for breakdown.

Guess what, not all red grease is created equally either.  Every brand has their own “red” grease & not all are for the same application, most have different base greases.  Base grease is very important, it is like the flour that holds a cookie batter together.  With just eggs, butter and sugar your cookie would be a mud pie looking mess, but add that flour and now you have a cookie with some consistency.  Base greases are the same- you need all the other components to the grease, like misc. oils & additives, but without the base to thicken it, you would have nothing more than car engine oil. It would make it kind of tough to lube up a bearing with that!  As important as Base grease is, please understand that not all bases are compatible with each other.  For instance, if you are currently using a lithium based grease, you would not want to add a calcium complex based grease on top of this.  They would break down almost immediately and run off.  If you find that you would like to change to a grease more suited for your application, but contains an incompatible base; simply flush out your system prior to your first greasing.

We offer many different types of greases for all your needs. To learn more about what lubricants we carry click here. If you would like to discuss your current needs, please contact our energy team and we will be happy to stop by and help you choose a lubricant that is right for you.  By the way, I have a pretty sister too!

By Kim Leisner, Energy Sales Manager 

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