New Feed Department Manager

New Feed Department Manager

On May fourth, Dustin Millard accepted the Feed Department Manager position. From November 2016 through April 2017, Dustin worked as the interim feed department manager. During this trial period, he exhibited his growth in leadership as he transitioned from operations to department managerial duties. His strength came from his operations experience while bringing a quality product to customers by improving organization, efficiency, and safety through the feed mill.

After starting his career at Larsen Co-op in 2006, Dustin moved up into leadership roles, such as mill operator and operations manager. As operations manager, he has been diligent in finding ways to better our feed department. One area has been his passion for safety, where Dustin has worked persistently to improve days without a lost time accident which is up to 1,700 days as well as working with a third party to get the mill both HACCP Certified and Safe Feed, Safe Food Certified. With these improvements in operations and safety, he has been able to increase feed quality and decrease shrink loss from $10,000 a month down to $0 a month now, and he helped the labor efficiency improve by 30%.

As the interim manager, Dustin worked very closely with the Form-A-Feed team to build a partnership that brings great value to our local farmers. By having this partnership, we are able to offer our customers the assistance from many experts in the dairy and animal nutrition field. The Form-A-Feed team brings expertise on a much higher level, having Ph.D. level professionals who specialize in calves and pre-fresh transition cows. With such a diverse team of people, specializing in areas such as analytics, training and development, and nutrition, as partners, we have the right combination of resources to help solve the issues farm operations face today and move forward towards tomorrow.

Going Forward

Dustin is excited for this new opportunity to work with the agricultural community and to help farmers with solutions. He lives in New London and has a small hobby farm where he raises dairy beef bottle calves and finishes butcher steers to sell locally. With raising animals at home, he personally knows how important it is to feed livestock a high quality feed that our mill in Weyauwega produces.

Dustin plans to continue to find ways to improve and build a department that will help ensure we can serve our producers now and into the future. He plans to do this by working meticulously with the strong nutrition team at Form-A-Feed as well as with our local private consultants to keep our customers’ needs in the forefront. We will also continue to pursue additional alliances, with Form-A-Feed to bring the best possible service to our farmers.

Please help me in congratulating Dustin Millard in accepting the Feed Department Manager position at CHS Larsen Cooperative.

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