Time to Fill the Tanks


Now that the never ending winter of 2018 is finally releasing its grip on WI, and the April snow is starting to melt, the time to start planning for spring work is here. It’s the perfect time to get your diesel and gasoline tanks filled before everyone is out in the fields, woods, and on construction projects. With the peak of spring activity just around the corner, everyone will be calling for immediate tank fills and just with pure volume, fuel deliveries could be delayed.

Nobody knows when road bans will come off so placing your fuel orders now helps us schedule deliveries based on allowed road weights, our fuel truck weights/how much fuel we can carry, and when we can deliver to get your fuel to you now. Those of you that still have some winter blended diesel fuel in your tanks (#2 and #1, Plus WAIV winter additive), it’s the perfect time to blend out your tanks with fresh summer rated Ruby Fieldmaster Premium diesel so you are ready to go when the fields dry out. Those of you that contracted fuel back in February/early March before we saw a price jumps in late March/April, are in perfect shape and now your fuel purchases are under these contract prices. If you did not contract fuel, now is the time to get your first tank fill as the market has been flat over the last week, but we all know when demand goes up in the coming weeks that prices will push up as they always do every May and June. If you are on the CHS Larsen Co-op Automated Fuel Delivery (AFD) program, you’re tanks are being filled automatically plus you have the peace of mind knowing you are saving money with the monthly price averaging benefit.

I have talked with many of my agriculture customers and unlike the last 2-3 years, we experienced an early winter last fall which curtailed field work in November and December thus there will be more field prep work in the coming weeks before planting can commence. With the winter weather we had in April, now is the time to get your equipment ready and your fuel tanks set.

Please give CHS Larsen Co-op a call at 920-982-1111 to schedule a tank fill so you are 100% ready to get out into the fields and start on the 2018 season.

by Todd A. Plath, Certified Energy Specialist


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