Crop Scouting

Tighten productivity with crop scouting

When it comes to your crops, we know that they are your life line. Our crop scouting program will help you effectively manage that life line, field by field. We use state of the art software along with professional trained crop scouts to track every field along the way. We take pride in the ability to show our growers their progress step by step. From pre-plant to harvest, we have the resources to help you make profitable decisions. All results and reports are stored and delivered electronically.

Our Crop Scouts offer these services:

  • Weed and insect pressure
  • Disease monitoring
  • Tissue testing
  • Nitrate testing

Call Olivia at 920-851-0424 today to get started on the most efficient, targeted application of your inputs. Let’s discover precisely what your land can do for you.

For more information contact:
Olivia Wagenson
CHS YieldPoint Data Specialist

Office: 920-836-2113
Cell: 920-851-0424

crop scouting

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