GPS Soil Sampling

Soil testing and analysis for better yields

We’ll help you scientifically sample your soil to determine precise nutrient needs within a field. With our help, you’ll avoid under- or over-applying nutrients, which could rob you of profits.

Our CHS YieldPoint™ specialists take the hassle out of obtaining and interpreting accurate soil results. We can take care of:

  • Recommending the appropriate soil sampling method(s)
  • Setting up grids
  • Pulling, labeling and shipping samples to a reputable laboratory
  • Interpreting sample results for your operation, including for variable rate fertility and planting as well as environmental stewardship

Our automated UTV system will allow us to make precise maps of fields while also integrating soil sampling and other field data. We recommend sampling at least every 4 years. We can start in the summer with wheat, alfalfa and corn silage ground and continue this fall with grain corn and soybeans. We offer 2.5, and 5 acre grids and this will show variations in the field for pH, phosphorus and potassium.

We request about two weeks to get your maps in order and get your fields scheduled for sampling, as well as at least 3-4 days notice for the actual sampling to take place. CHS Larsen Cooperative samples before any manure or fertilizer is put on the fields.

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CHS YieldPoint Data Specialist
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