Nutrient Management Planning

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When the words Nutrient Management Plans (NMP) are thrown around on the farm, people react in different ways. Some believe that they will not be able to spread their manure on their own fields, others believe that it will limit fertilizer so they won’t get a good crop off and still others think that it is all just a waste of time. All of the fears of NMP being a government program gone haywire are a little off.

At CHS Larsen Cooperative, we work with farmers to not only write the plans, but to also help understand the need for nutrient management. Crops to be grown, soil tests, manure tests and other aspects of the individual operation are used to set up the plan to be not only economical but also easy to follow. By working directly with the farmer, a preliminary plan is set for manure hauling and fall fertilizer application. After the plan is turned in, it can still be altered if Mother Nature has her way with us again and items in the plan cannot be followed.

Nutrient Management Planning is here now to help plan for the future, to keep soil tests low, and to show that we are working to keep our environment safe.

Call us today. We recommend starting planning early so you can take advantage of potential pre-pay opportunities and lock in your supplies of crop inputs.

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