Fox Valley Tech Students Tour New CHS Larsen Cooperative YieldPoint™ Facility


NEW LONDON, WISC., February 22, 2016 – CHS Larsen Cooperative YieldPoint™ Team hosted a tour on Monday morning for the Advanced Precision Ag Class from Fox Valley Technical College. The Advance Precision Ag course at Fox Valley Tech focuses on what future opportunities there will be in precision agriculture. Throughout the course students are giving hands on experience with precision ag systems as well as work on equipment that uses precision ag technology. They are also given the opportunity to tour a few facilities and have in class speakers to learn more about the industry.

CHS Larsen Cooperative and Fox Valley Tech have built a great relationship throughout the years in being able to provide great learning experiences in the ag industry. A handful of students from the tech were able to come to Larsen, WI to tour the New YieldPoint™ Facility. They all asked good questions focusing on the future of precision ag and what the cooperative sees as benefits and challenges for the next few years.

“We want to prepare our students to be ready for the work force, so when they leave school they already have the knowledge on how the technology works and are able to install precision ag equipment, said Zach Ward, Ag Technologies Instructor from Fox Valley Tech. “These tours help our students see what they are learning in the classroom turned into action, as wells as help them see what opportunities they will have after college.”

CHS Larsen Cooperative YieldPoint™ Team is happy to work with the local tech students in educating them in what services we provide and what technologies are working best for their farmers in the area. They are fortunate to be one of the only CHS Country Operations with a facility specific for Precision Ag. This facility is proving to be a large benefit to the cooperative, in being able to better service their farmers as well as educate farmers and community members in the benefits of precision ag. They plan to continue to grow and stay relevant to always be providing the best services possible for their growers.

Pictured are students from the Advanced Precision Ag Course, Instructors Zach Ward and Sara Maass-Pate, Instructional Ad Lorn Waldschmidt, and YieldPoint™ Team Cody Miller, Seth Warner, and Ryan Jones.

CHS Larsen Cooperative is proud to support our local communities and help further educate students with an interest in the agricultural industry.

CHS Larsen Cooperative donates $7,500 to Salvation Army


CHS Larsen Cooperative donates $7,500 to Salvation Army

NEW LONDON, WISC., February 12, 2016 – CHS Larsen Cooperative donated $7,500 to the Salvation Army of Wisconsin. During the holiday season employees and Kiwanis community members rang bells with the Wild Rose Kiwanis Club at the Wild Rose C-store, one of CHS Larsen Cooperative’s locations. Through ringing bells they were able to raise $5,000 which they have already submitted to the Salvation Army.

In an effort to give back even more to our communities, CHS Inc., the nation’s leading producer-owned cooperative, is proud to provide an additional $1.50 matching contribution for every $1.00 raised. The CHS Inc. matching gift contribution in the amount of $7,500. The Kiwanis Club was very happy to receive this large donation from CHS. With these funds they are able to help in many ways, such as, help pay heating bills this cold winter, help with short term assistance with rent, and vouchers for necessities after disasters.

“We are proud to say that this money stays in Waushara County,” said, Jane Erickson, Kiwanis Member, “It helps us to maintain and even increase the level of assistance to our local people in need. We are very thankful for Dana Lesniak and the CHS Larsen Cooperative C-Store. They have such a strong presence in supporting our Wild Rose community, and we are very thankful for that.”

Pictured is Jane Erickson, Kiwanis Member and Dana Lesniak, manager of the Wild Rose CHS Larsen Coop Cenex Station. She is presenting a check for $7,500 to Jane Erickson for the Salvation Army. The Wild Rose Kiwanis Club organized the bell-ringing for Salvation Army over the holiday season in Wild Rose.

CHS Larsen Cooperative is proud to support our local communities in the areas of housing, nutrition, early childhood, and more.

CHS Larsen Cooperative Offers up to $20,000 in Scholarships

NEW LONDON, WISC., February 1, 2016 – CHS Larsen Cooperative is proud to announce that we will be offering up to $20,000 in scholarships. This is the sixteenth year they have offered a scholarship program for their customers; already helping over 200 students. CHS Larsen Cooperative’s trade territory has expanded and they have felt the need to return support to the communities that help support their cooperative.

CHS Larsen Cooperative is offering graduating high school seniors and currently enrolled post high school education students a chance to apply for up to $20,000 in scholarships. Students must be furthering their education in agricultural or nonagricultural major at a two-year agricultural short course program, technical school, a two-year school, or a four-year college. To be eligible, the student, parent, or guardian must be a patron member of CHS Larsen Cooperative.

The criteria and 2016 application are on their website The deadline for the CHS Larsen Cooperative scholarship is March 15, 2016. Visit their website to download the application or call 1-800-924-6677.

In addition to their local scholarship, CHS Inc. Foundation awards more than 300- $1,000 scholarships. To apply for the CHS Foundation scholarship go to The deadline for the foundation scholarship is April 1, 2016.

CHS Larsen Cooperative is proud to support our local youth in agriculture. It pays to invest in our local future agricultural business leaders.

Weyauwega Area Fire District Trains at CHS Larsen Cooperative Feed Mill

On Monday, September 21, 2015 the Weyauwega Area Fire District held a training on grain bin safety for their volunteer fire fighters at CHS Larsen Cooperative, in Weyauwega. Harvest is just around the corner and farmers will be filling their grain bins again. Working in grain bins can be a dangerous activity. Thus, it is very important to be prepared for any unforeseen emergencies during harvest and have the proper training and equipment.

The Weyauwega Area Fire District was selected for a donation from CHS Corporate Citizenship. They received a check for $5,610. With this donation from CHS the fire district was able to purchase Grain Rescue Equipment, including the Great Wall of Rescue, ropes, and harnesses.

img_3419smBob Krentz, CHS Larsen Cooperative Feed Manager awards Tom Cullen, Weyauwega Area Fire Chief with CHS donation.

During the training on Monday night the fire department practiced a few rescue scenarios. They partially buried a volunteer firefighter in a load of corn at the mill and then used the Great Wall of Rescue, which acts as a cofferdam, to properly rescue a victim out of loose grain.

“Having this equipment if needed and the knowledge of how to use it properly is a powerful tool for our volunteer team,” said Tom Cullen, Weyauwega Area Fire Chief, “We had a perfect opportunity to work with CHS Larsen Cooperative Feed Mill to be able to actually use this equipment in grain and get the real experience of what to expect.”

They also we able to tour the mill during this training, this helps the firefighters to be more familiar with the CHS Larsen Cooperative Feed Mill. CHS Larsen Cooperative is very grateful to have such a great fire department to work with in case of any future emergencies.

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