When it comes to your Equine needs, we carry what you need.


  • Strategy
  • Strategy Healthy Edge
  • Equine Senior
  • Amplify
  • Impact
  • Outlast
  • Enrich plus
  • Omolene 500
  • Ultium
  • Ultium Gastric Care
  • Ultium Competition

Triple Crown Naturals

  • Alfalfa cubes,
  • Alfalfa/Timothy Cubes
  • Triple Cleaned Oats

Dr’s Choice

  • Rice Bran,
  • Equi-Shine


  • Beet pulp (no molasses)
  • Molasses 45
  • Country Acres Sweet Feed (replaced Larsen’s)
  • Alfalfa pellets
  • Kalmbach and Standlee Treats

In addition to feeds and supplements, we offer a variety of Equine treats too! NEW this year are offering lick tubs including CLARIFLY! A great product that not only aides in nutrition but also prevents the emergence of multiple fly species within manure.

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