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CHS Larsen Cooperative Feed has many quality products. As a result we want to set up your animal operation for success. In 2017, we partnered with Form-A-Feed to offer you high quality feed products and services. Using our team approach to problem solving, we will help you identify areas of opportunity in your operation.

Feed Products

CHS Larsen and Form-A-Feed Partnership
Overview of how we work with Form-A-Feed to Provide a great service to you.

Hydro-Lac Bovine Hydration Pellets
Combating heat stress, hydrating cattle, maintaining consistent intakes and increasing farm profits!

Learn How to Use our Hydro-Lac App

Hydro-Lac More Detail

Hydro-Lac Fresh Cow Info

Calf Milk Replacer Programs
Start your calves out right with the right milk replacer for your herd replacement calves.

CHS Larsen Calf Starters & Growers
Full line of calf feed products starters and growers made for improving calf performance.

BIOTAL Buchneri 500
Most advanced silage inoculant technology.

Pro-Store Forage Inoculant
Are you getting the most from your forages?

TMR Stabilizer

Help minimize reduced feed intake during summer weather by maintaining cooler, fresher feed.

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Small Calves

Bulk Bin Agreement: Ask about our interest free bulk bin lease agreement


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