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Set-up Direct Deposit for Grain Payments

CHS Larsen is now offering the option to receive your grain payments via direct deposit through ACH. It’s an easy process to set-up, simply fill out the form below and send it back to the New London Office.

CHS Larsen Direct Deposit Form 

Custom Grain Transportation

We have the ability to transport your grain from your bins to our locations! Or we can transport from your field to our locations (very limited availability).


Center Valley Location
Phone: 920-734-1409
Readfield Location
Phone: 920-667-4955

Storage Options 

Delayed Price:

Delayed Price will be offered to our customers during different times of the year based on the market for storage. The cost of Delayed Price will generally become cheaper after harvest.  You won’t be charged any storage fees until you sell your grain.  You will lose title to your grain, cannot load out bushels from the elevator, cannot forward sell bushel in Delayed Price, and we will be required to deduct Deferred Payment Contract Assessment, required by state law, for bushels placed in Delayed Price when you final price them.

Open Storage:

Open Storage rates will vary depending on the market for space.  Storage charges will be deducted from your grain settlement when you sell your grain. You will keep title to your grain, and you can request a Warehouse Receipt for grain on Open Storage.  You have the ability to forward contract bushels in Open Storage.  However, you will be required to pay the posted storage rate until the beginning of the contract period.  Bushels in Open Storage can be loaded out of the elevator.  However, if the grain is not milled through our feed mill, you will be charged a 20 cent load out fee.

Long Term Storage (aka Condo Storage):

Condo Storage is the space in the elevator that you own and have previously purchased.  There is no monthly fee for condo, but there is an annual maintenance fee that will be assessed.  You will keep title to your grain, and you can request a Warehouse Receipt for grain in Condo.  You have the ability to forward contract bushels in Condo.  Bushels in Condo can be loaded out of the elevator.  However, if the grain is not milled through our feed mill, you will be charged a 20 cent load out fee.  We are currently not offering any more Condo storage options to our patrons, but we may again sometime in the future.  Generally, this option will cost $2.00 per bushel to purchase from the co-op, and the agreement will last 20 years.

Grain Bank:

Grain Bank is used for feed purposes only Generally, this will cost 5 cents per month.  Your account will be invoiced each month that grain is stored in Grain Bank. You will keep title to your grain in Grain Bank.  Bushels in Grain Bank can be loaded out of the elevator.  However, if the grain is not milled through our feed mill, you will be charged a 20 cent load out fee.

Storage Refunds:

Any time grain is sold within 7 Calendar Days of delivery, no matter if it was delivered and placed in Open Storage, Grain Bank, or Delayed Price, if you decide to sell these bushels within 7 calendar days of when it was delivered, we will refund the storage back to you.

Contract Options 

Forward Price Contract: Lock in your Cash price for a specified quantity of bushels for a specified delivery date and location in the future. A great contract to capture grain prices for time ahead of delivery. No additional fees, easy to use.

Hedge To Arrive Contract (HTA): Price the Futures when levels are attractive and set Basis separately prior to time of delivery. Allows you to protect yourself from downside risk in the Futures market while continuing to have opportunity to possibly capture any improvement in basis.

Basis Contract: Set the Basis on your contract prior to locking in the Futures. A specific quantity of bushels are sold to a designated location for a certain delivery period. A great opportunity if you want to deliver bushels and are satisfied with the basis level but want more time to potentially capture Futures gain.

CHS Compass Contracts: Get a premium to the current market in exchange for a possible additional bushel commitment for a future date. With CHS Compass contracts you can lock in floors and capture premiums the market may otherwise not provide. Customizable to your operation and specific time frames. Basis can be set at any time.

Minimum Price Contracts: Lock in a floor on your futures contract and continue to participate in potential upside in the grain market using options. Basis can be set at any time. Customizable to your market bias, operation, and time period.

Average Price Contract: Average Price Contracts add discipline and diversity to your grain marketing program by selling an equal amount of bushels each week during specified pricing period. You determine the bushel quantity as well as the delivery month and location.  Basis can be set at any time.

Average Price Program 2020

Daily Threshold Program: Daily pricing at the market close each day as long as the market close price is at or above a threshold that is picked by the producer. Amount of bushels priced each day will be total unpriced bushels divided by remaining days in program. *Not all bushels are guaranteed to price*

Daily Threshold_2021

CHS Pro Advantage: Professional pricing for your grain
With the CHS Pro Advantage contract, you rely on the commodity trading experts at CHS Hedging to professionally price some of your corn, soybean or wheat bushels. It’s a simple way to diversify your marketing.

• Take some of the emotion and worry out of marketing
• Turn decision-making over to experienced traders
• Gain insights that help you when selling other bushels
• Have benchmarks for evaluating your marketing plan
• Save time so you can focus on the rest of your operation

Here’s how it works: You commit a specific number of bushels (no minimum) for a specific delivery destination. The CHS Hedging professionals price your bushels over a set period of time. Cash settlement price is based on the performance of the futures and options traded in the program by the professionals. You’ll receive monthly updates and marketing insights. The basis decision remains with you. Ask us about CHS Pro Advantage today! 

CHS ProAdvantage Sellsheet Winter Wheat

Larsen CHS ProAdvantage Sellsheet Corn & Beans

CHS ProAdvantage Updates 





The CHS Larsen Grain policy and discount schedules for corn, soybeans, soft red wheat, and oats can be picked up at any grain facility, mailed to you, or emailed to you upon request.

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