CHS Larsen Cooperative donates $7,500 to Salvation Army


CHS Larsen Cooperative donates $7,500 to Salvation Army

NEW LONDON, WISC., February 12, 2016 – CHS Larsen Cooperative donated $7,500 to the Salvation Army of Wisconsin. During the holiday season employees and Kiwanis community members rang bells with the Wild Rose Kiwanis Club at the Wild Rose C-store, one of CHS Larsen Cooperative’s locations. Through ringing bells they were able to raise $5,000 which they have already submitted to the Salvation Army.

In an effort to give back even more to our communities, CHS Inc., the nation’s leading producer-owned cooperative, is proud to provide an additional $1.50 matching contribution for every $1.00 raised. The CHS Inc. matching gift contribution in the amount of $7,500. The Kiwanis Club was very happy to receive this large donation from CHS. With these funds they are able to help in many ways, such as, help pay heating bills this cold winter, help with short term assistance with rent, and vouchers for necessities after disasters.

“We are proud to say that this money stays in Waushara County,” said, Jane Erickson, Kiwanis Member, “It helps us to maintain and even increase the level of assistance to our local people in need. We are very thankful for Dana Lesniak and the CHS Larsen Cooperative C-Store. They have such a strong presence in supporting our Wild Rose community, and we are very thankful for that.”

Pictured is Jane Erickson, Kiwanis Member and Dana Lesniak, manager of the Wild Rose CHS Larsen Coop Cenex Station. She is presenting a check for $7,500 to Jane Erickson for the Salvation Army. The Wild Rose Kiwanis Club organized the bell-ringing for Salvation Army over the holiday season in Wild Rose.

CHS Larsen Cooperative is proud to support our local communities in the areas of housing, nutrition, early childhood, and more.

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