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Back when I was a kid, it seemed like you couldn’t throw a stone without hitting a small family farm.  Single family farms past down from generation to generation-they were everywhere!  Raising just enough crops and cattle to keep the family fed, with a little extra to sell and make a decent living.  The small Husband/Wife type of farms are becoming a thing of the past.  Today’s farms are faced with the fact that they must continue to grow larger in order to keep up with the competition.  It is not only a trend, it has become a necessity!

As all farms grow, they obviously buy/rent more property, build new buildings or put additions on to existing buildings to store, not only your additional livestock, but your added equipment necessary to keep the operation running. 

During these continual times of growth, the fuel storage supply can get easily overlooked.  I have come across customers that have had the same 1000 gallon tank for fueling their tractors since their folks started the farm back in the 50’s.  In the 50’s they had two tractors using about 100 gallons a week.  They now have half a dozen tractors, a couple combines and endless other small pieces of equipment that are still using that single 1000 gallon tank.  They now can use up to an entire tank in a day or two during planting and harvest!

This kind of usage with a tank that size can become very stressful.  So much time spent, worrying about supply & contacting the fuel company trying to get extra deliveries, just to avoid downtime.  All of this stress could be easily eliminated by adding a second tank. 

By doubling the capacity at your farm, you are not only easing stress of supply concerns, but you could save a little money too!

Call your local Energy Sales Representative today and let them show you how you can benefit from adding fuel tank capacity to your operation.

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Written by Kim Leisner, Energy Sales Manager

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