Average Price Program Enrollment Open

Even after positive numbers on the report a few weeks ago, prices still do not seem to be positive. South America is running the bean market during harvest and corn seems to be piggy backing off bean trends, which do not help at all. Not to mention Chinese tariffs are not helping either. Setting targets at reasonable levels in the near future may be your best bet.

Our average price program enrollment has opened. The average price contract prices out an even number of bushels, at the close of every Wednesday. This happens for a 10 week period from May 1st to July 3rd. This program is a useful tool to use as a benchmark for your grain marketing, also it is free of charge. Click Here to learn more.

If you have questions or want to get some contracts in place feel free to reach out to Mike Steingraber and he would be happy to go over options with you.

Written by Mike Steingraber, Grain Originator

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