Cenex® Premium Diesel Additives: Injection Stabilizer and Demulsifiers

Cenex® Premium Diesel has a more complete additive package for a more complete burn. Every gallon contains a tailored blend of seven additives that are terminally injected to ensure the highest standards of quality and performance.  

As part of the Cenex Premium Diesel education series that kicked off in September, we will review each of the seven terminally blended additives that are found in Cenex premium diesel fuels, starting with the injection stabilizer and the demulsifer.

Injection Stabilizer

The injection stabilizer addresses fuel oxidation problems that can cause gum formation. When gummed fuel passes through the fuel system, it clogs fuel injectors and filters which leads to unnecessary downtime. Cenex Premium Diesel contains injection stabilizers that prevents the formation that builds deep inside high-precision injectors and keeps the fuel from coking. 


One of the most problematic sources of mechanical and filter failure is water, it is critical to separate and remove water from the fuel system. Cenex Premium Diesel contains demulsifiers that force water to the bottom of the fuel tank for easy removal. Both new and old equipment contain a water release valve that is intended to remove water from fuel storage tanks. Engine manufactures recommend this to reduce and eliminate moisture-contaminates in fuel from passing through the combustion chamber.

Competing products may claim that emulsifiers are better at controlling moisture than demulsifiers. Emulsifiers just “break-up” the water to pass through the fuel system instead of forcing it to the bottom for removal. Modern diesel engines that utilize high-pressure common rail technology have enormous amounts heat and pressure that build up and heat these suspended water particles. Forcing heated water into a fuel system, that can generate over 35,000 psi, causes damage to engine components – which we know leads to unexpected downtime and expensive repairs.

Cenex premium diesel fuel provides a more complete burn to keep fuel and exhaust systems clean, increasing power and efficiency with less repairs or down time. Learn more about the complete additive package and stay tuned for our May article when we dive into Detergents and Lubricity Improvers.

If you would like to learn more about these additives and how Cenex Roadmaster XL® or Cenex® Ruby Fieldmaster® can benefit you, contact your local Cenex representative with any questions.

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