CHS Larsen Co-op Harvest Safety Update

Pre Harvest Safety Update Message

July 23, 2020

As we continue to navigate through this new unprecedented environment, we have some updates on how harvest 2020 will work. Our first reminder is to please watch the signage/digital screen for your prompts of which pit you are assigned to and when to proceed. When on the scale in Center Valley you need to make sure to wait until you see a red light, then green before proceeding. The scale operator needs to change the light manually once they’ve captured your truck weight. At our Readfield location there are phones placed throughout our route that you can use to call into the office. Due to COVID-19 concerns we are asking producers to use our phone systems instead of coming into any location’s office. If you have special requests or need accommodations, please call the office and we would be happy to help you.

We are also asking that apart from unrolling and rolling your trap and opening and closing your hopper that you stay in your truck; this will help us with traffic safety concerns. You will notice all CHS employees are required to wear Hi-Vis clothing to eliminate any accidents.

In Readfield, once you arrive at your pit assignment you will notice two changes this year:

  • We have implemented a stop light system for our North and South Pits. They will be labeled letting you know two things:
    • Your last reminder of what crop is being dumped wet or dry.
    • As well as when to dump. When the light is green, dump; when the light is red, wait. 
  • The second thing you’ll notice is that CHS will not have a pit attendant this year. Due to ergonomic safety reasons CHS employees will NO longer be present at the pit to crank hopper doors. The producer/truck driver will be responsible to open their own hopper doors at all CHS locations.

CHS employees are also not allowed to climb on trailers or enter through the hopper doors as these are considered confined spaces. This also means we are asking truck drivers to refrain from climbing on or in trailers on CHS property. So please take this time before harvest begins to do a thorough check on all your equipment to make sure it is working properly. (Again, if you do need special assistance please call the office before coming so we can prepare for additional help).

Finally, our last update is when you are scaling out, the truck driver will get one ticket printed either at the scale in Readfield or at the office door at all other locations. This will be the only ticket the farm gets as we will no longer mail duplicate tickets. So please, take a minute to make sure you have all the correct information on your ticket before leaving. If you need assistance, please pick up the phone at the outbound scale at Readfield and call or call from your truck at all other locations.

This is a great time to remind you that if you have not yet signed up for both direct deposit payments and MyCHS Customer Resource, you can do this for FREE on our website. MyCHS offers account details related to your business with CHS Larsen Cooperative. A single sign-on lets you see your CHS activity in one place: grain, agronomy, energy and feed. Find contracts, bookings, settlements, prepays, invoices and more. This is a mobile friendly and easily accessible tool for your convenience.  As of August 1st, we will not be sending grain settlements or scale tickets in the mail. You will be able to view your essential grain accounting information on MyCHS.

If you have any questions, please call Readfield 920-667-4955 or Center Valley 920-734-1409.


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