CHS Larsen Cooperative Feed Mill Creates Partnership with Form-A-Feed

CHS Larsen Cooperative is excited to announce their new partnership with Form-A-Feed. They are now carrying a full-line of Form-A-Feed products. They will be partnering with Form-A-Feed to bring its patrons expert services to help them move their business forward.

Throughout the past few years, CHS Larsen Cooperative has worked diligently to offer high quality feeds and services to create quality results for their patrons. In 2015, they became HACCP Certified and Safe Feed Safe Food Certified. These certifications confirm that their feed operations offer extremely efficient, high quality feed, strict drug handling and documentation, and supplier verification, just to name a few. They are proud to offer a very high quality product to their producers, now with this new partnership they will be amplifying their customized nutrition services.

Why has CHS Larsen Cooperative partnered with Form-A-Feed?

Just like you, they work better as a team to achieve bigger and better results. With a diverse team of people specializing in areas such as analytics, training and development, and nutrition, together, they have the right combination of resources on their team. This can help solve the issues your operation faces today to move forward towards tomorrow.

“The partnership with Form-A-Feed is a great fit as we sought to enhance our local nutrition services and product offerings. Our values mesh in bringing cutting edge nutritional technology and technical products to the livestock producers in Eastern Wisconsin”, said Todd Reif, CHS Larsen Cooperative General Manager. “We are also excited that the Form-A-Feed partnership will enhance the current relationships with the local private nutritionists who are providing valuable livestock production services in the area.”

Who is Form-A-Feed?

For over 40 years, Form-A-Feed has been committed to serving the livestock industry with quality products and customized services. They offer branded-name, specialty, private-label and custom-formulated products. Their product formulations are designed to enhance livestock performance and health, and improve food safety. Product options include: base mixes, concentrates, micros, minerals, liquids, boluses, low-moisture tubs, water soluble products and ingredients.

“This is a great partnership between our companies. Our mission moving forward is to provide our customers with the best quality products and services,” said Adam Klever, Form-A-Feed Senior Manager Business Development. “Our tech team and resources are second to none. We look forward to this awesome opportunity!”

Both CHS Larsen Cooperative and Form-A-Feed are enthusiastic about using their team approach to problem-solving to help producers identify areas of opportunity in their operation. Through coaching, training, and analytics, they will help farmers and their team execute a plan to keep your farm moving forward. To learn more about the new products and services CHS Larsen Cooperative offers with Form-A-Feed, go to 

(Pictured: Todd Reif, CHS Larsen Cooperative General Manager; Dustin Millard, CHS Larsen Cooperative Interim Feed Department Manager; Adam Klever, Form-A-Feed Senior Manager Business Development; Jay Hoffman, Form-A-Feed Divisional Sales Manager.)

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  1. Congratulations on teaming up with formafeed. I worked with Todd years ago at CHS in Marshall Mn. He’s a great manager and will take your
    Co-op in the right direction

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