CHS Seeds for Stewardship funds support Dale & Clayton Fire & Rescue

Chris Tews, Dale Fire; Matt McHugh, CHS Safety Leader and Robert Wilkins, Deputy Assistant Chief, Dale Fire Department

CHS Seeds for Stewardship funds are going back into the communities where CHS does business to protect local fire fighters and community members, build stronger rural communities and support ag education.

Through CHS Country Operations Seeds for Stewardship, Dale Fire & Rescue is receiving $2,800 and Clayton Fire Rescue is receiving $2,176 from CHS Larsen Cooperative. Dale Fire & Rescue will be using these funds to purchase a grain bin rescue system and Clayton Fire Rescue will be purchasing rescue saws.   

“CHS Larsen Cooperative has a close working relationship with both of these fire departments. From time to time we have the departments come to our locations to practice rescues and doing walk throughs with our staff; so, they have a better understanding of our business,” says David Neal, General Manager, CHS Larsen Cooperative. “Having this equipment will definitely help these departments provide an increased level of service to our communities and facilities in the area.”

Making the purchase of a grain bin rescue system will provide a centrally located resource that can be quickly deployed to help save lives in the community. There are several large farming operations that grow, harvest, transport, and store crops on site in Readfield. These bulk materials present unique challenges to emergency services and this equipment can help them do their job safely and more efficient than they can today. Dale Fire & Rescue also borders other farming communities who would benefit having a portable coffer dam and grain evacuation system readily available.

“Dale Fire & Rescue is looking forward to purchasing their coffer dam which is designed to keep grain from flowing against the entrapped victim and to create a space around the victim from which grain can be removed. We will be buying a kit that contains the coffer dam, the grain ejector, grates, and case.  This is portable system and we can quickly transport it to the surrounding departments if needed,” says Robert Wilkins, Deputy Assistant Chief, Dale Fire Department.  

Clayton Fire Rescue’s purchase of a rescue saw that cuts steel and a rescue saw that cuts wood will provide a quicker and safer response to many rescue situations. Both saws would be utilized for rescue and fire situations including but not limited to; grain bin rescue, person(s) entrapped in farm machinery, vehicle accidents, accessing fires in machine sheds and barns, removal of brush during wildland fires, and removal of trees and limbs from a natural disaster. The added equipment would provide needed lifesaving equipment to Clayton Fire Rescue and surrounding stations.

“Thank you to the CHS Seeds of Stewardship program for the generous donation of two rescue saws,” says Scott Rieckmann, Director of Public Safety. “The saws will greatly enhance our response to many types of emergency calls in our response area and neighboring communities.”

The CHS Country Operations Seeds for Stewardship matching grant program supports our commitment to create connections that empower agriculture and our rural communities. Through this program, local CHS ag retail business units are identifying organizations in the communities where we live and work who need support for safety, ag leadership, farmer health and well-being, and community engagement.  

Since 2017, CHS has donated more than $1.8 million in funds through CHS Seeds for Stewardship.

Scott Rieckmann, Director of Public Safety; Ryan Jones, CHS YieldPoint Coordinator and Tony Seelow, CHS YieldPoint Equipment Specialist & Fire Dept Member

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