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CHS Larsen Coop’s Energy Team: Keeping Up with the Needs of the Modern Farmer.

Winter is finally over… well kind of… and spring is in full force… sort of.  As we quickly enter planting and growing season, drying those crops will definitely be on the minds of most.

  • How many bushels will I dry this year?
  • How much propane will I need?
  • How much is this going to cost me?

Today’s farmer have enough stress to deal with daily, without the concern of budgeting for the unknown. Helping farmers control costs has always been a priority for CHS Larsen Coop.   In the past, we have allowed farmers the opportunity to add their crop drying gallon needs to their winter heating contract.  In an effort to evolve and take the savings one step further, CHS Larsen Coop is extremely proud to offer a CROP DRYING CONTRACTS!

Details of the new CROP DRYING CONTRACT are simple.  Contracts will run 09/01/19 – 11/30/19, which is the prime drying time.  You may lock in as many gallons as you need for drying during that time frame, while taking advantage of pricing based off of a lower demand and typically higher supply.  This will translate to great savings for our Agricultural customers!

We would still urge customers to lock in their winter propane needs as necessary.  But I believe the new CROP DRYING CONTRACT will be an excellent addition to our already great contracting programs!

Please contact your local energy sales team member for more information on how we can help you plan for fall.

Written by: Kim Leisner, Energy Sales Manager

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