Exciting New Feature on MyCHS

Just in time for fall harvest, a helpful new feature is available to producers through the MyCHS app! Proof of Yield, a report that totals a customer’s grain deliveries by bushels over any selected time frame, is now available in MyCHS.

With the Proof of Yield report, producers will be able to:
• See subtotals per commodity
• View simple summaries of total grain bushels by year and commodity
• Pull historic data, as past years are often needed and MyCHS provides that data
• Verify the details of their grain deliveries including dates, bushel, weight, test weight and moisture
• Easily print or save report as a PDF for their records

Other benefits:
• It’s useful for insurance and U.S. government for crop claims (determines APH history, too!)
• It’s flexible to pull by month, calendar year, or a custom date range
• Easy-to-access by producer to send to key business partners such as accountants, insurance agents or tax preparers
• No waiting for mail delivery

Click Here to view a sample of the Proof of Yield report. It can be found in the top left menu on the home page of MyCHS under the Reports drop-down section.

Log into MyCHS today to see the benefits of this new feature. If you have any questions, please contact mychs@chsinc.com.

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