Grain Market Update – May 30

The market has been driven by wet weather across the Corn Belt, but is also effecting us here in the north. Hopefully you were able to get something in the ground. However, if unfortunately, you were not able to get what you needed planted there are options to help take care of your contracts.

Many people are taking insurance or preventive plant alternatives due to lack of planting ability. If you do have corn to market, set targets above $4 and in increments above to hit on the way up. Beans are getting slightly pulled up with corn, but are also on planting delays, so if you can hit a decent $8 price you can add a cash plus for a decent offer to even out the prices for some risk.

The government is planning on issuing out relief support this year probably based off of county averages and not this year’s crop.

If you are not working with one of our grain originators today, please give us a call.  We will gladly sit down with you to create a plan and help you protect your farm.  For a list of our grain originators and the one closest to you, please click here.

Written by: Michael Steingraber, CHS Grain Originator

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