Grain Market Update – September 18

The grain markets have had a nice bump over the past few weeks followed by typical pull back. With a lot of uncertainty yet in the Chinese trade talks I believe it is beneficial to remain patient. New beans are over $8 for the time being, which as my dad would say is, “better than a sharp stick in the eye”. However, until something gets settled I would not expect it to make a major comeback.

As I have said it is never too early to look to next year, consider utilizing some of our programs that have no minimum bushel amounts. The Pro-Advantage program sign up is beginning now. I think it’s a good idea to put some bushels into it. Pro-Advantage is a controlled program where a third party will do background trading on your bushels to capture higher prices. It is a good way to versify your grain marketing.

As I said there are no minimums and we have the updates on our website, and you can also sign up to receive them via e-mail. Contact your grain originator for more information or to sign up for the program, as well as any other program that you may be interested in. We will be offering average price and a few other new programs that may fit your marketing needs.

Written by Michael Steingraber, CHS Grain Originator

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