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Protecting you Equipment from Wisconsin’s extreme winter temperatures


As the days get shorter and the nights grow colder, it’s time to start thinking about protecting your equipment from Wisconsin’s extreme winter temperatures.

CHS Larsen Co-op has already started the process of planning for winter.  Approximately a week ago we added the WA4 additive to our Cenex® Ruby FieldMaster® and RoadMaster® fuel.  For a few extra cents per gallon the WA4 cold flow improver gives you a slightly higher operability range than our standard fuel. It’s perfect for this time of year, when temps can range anywhere from 25 to 70 degrees.

Thanksgiving and deer season will soon be upon us, and so will be the switch to Our Cenex® Ruby FieldMaster® and RoadMaster® SE (Seasonally Enhanced).  SE was formulated to provide excellent coverage for the end of fall/beginning of winter, with a cold filter plugging point (CFPP) of -25 degrees.

But, as anyone that lives in Wisconsin knows, we need more protection than the SE once winter actually hits.  When it gets cold, I mean really cold, like nose freezing shut/hurts to breath kind of cold; we need a fuel blend that will keep us going.  Everybody knows, the world doesn’t stop turning because it’s -30 degrees outside and we don’t stop either.  That is why Cenex® created WinterMaster®!

Cenex® WinterMaster® gives us operability of -30 degrees with a CFPP of -55 degrees.  With a 70/30 blend of #1 & #2, this is the final step we take to ensure that we are ready for whatever winter can throw at us.

If you are wondering what formulation is right for you and at what times you should make the switch to winter fuels, please call your Energy Sales Representative today.

Winter Master Road Master XL 

Written by: Kim Leisner, Energy Sales Manager

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