Nitrogen Stress and Rain

This week’s rain has been a blessing and a stressor together. With regards to the rain, I shift my summertime thoughts of weed and pest management to that of Nitrogen. Today’s corn crop ranges from v2-v7 and at this stage has taken up 5-10% of its total nitrogen need, meaning we have a lot of nitrogen to still take up this summer. This week’s rain ranged from 2-5 inches dependent on location. This was roughly 15-30% of the total rainfall this season, meaning nitrogen flow could be quite high in fields with a lower ability to hold its nitrogen. We know that the transient flow of nitrogen is quickly moving due to its negative charge and only moves in a vertical plane through the soil, so as the fields begin to dry out later this week, keep an eye on fields yellowing or showing signs of nitrogen stress that could affect yields if the bulk of your nitrogen has been applied already.

by Alex Yost, YieldPoint™ Specialist

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