No Surprise – Corn is Still Wet

On Thursday, September 12, the Outagamie Forage Council held their first corn silage dry down day event. Forage Council Executive Board Members John Schneider and Tom Rose, CHS Agronomist, assisted with testing samples. Kevin Jarek, Crop Soils Horticulture Agent for UW Madison Division of Extension was there to oversee and record all sample numbers.

Everyone is well aware that the corn is still wet! However, this was a good opportunity to start seeing where it was at. They received samples from Wrightstown-Freedom area as well as Stephenville to Hortonville. Most of the samples ended up being in the mid-to-high 70s. There was one sample as high as 83. (70% moisture – 30% dry matter).

When it comes to storing corn silage there are different desired moisture levels for each type of storage. Bags – 60-70%, Bunkers – 68-70%, Bank – 65-67%, Upright depends on the size but usually it should be – 65% or less.

If you interested in seeing the exact sample readings Outagamie Forage Council posts them online, this will be coming soon, click here.

The forage council will be hosting five more dry down day events. Click here to see the schedule.

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