Schedule Your Seed Pick-Up

CHS Larsen Cooperative is continuing to adapt as the impact from COVID-19 evolves. As an agricultural cooperative we will continue to do what we can to support our farmer-owners. We’ve been receiving many calls asking about having access to the products they’ve ordered.

We do have our seed pick-up days scheduled for April 8 and 9; however, we are encouraging customers to call 920-982-1111 and schedule an earlier pick-up time if they are able to take seed now. When you come to the New London warehouse we are asking customers to stay in their vehicles and call the warehouse cell phone 920-538-2559 to let us know you’re in the parking lot. We will then bring your seed out to you.

If you will not be picking up your order, please call and arrange a delivery time at NO CHARGE if delivered before May 1.  Each order delivered after May 1 will be considered “In-Season” and will be charged the normal delivery charge of $60.00.

The New London warehouse is working diligently to ensure your products will be ready for plant 2020. We truly want to thank you for supporting and placing your trust in CHS Larsen Cooperative’s Agronomy Department as we navigate through this challenging time. Please watch the CHS Larsen Cooperative website for further updates.

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