Starter Fertilizer Offers Dual Action Chemistries

Working quietly under the soil, starter fertilizers ensure that seeds have access to the readily available nutrients needed to develop roots faster and stronger than seeds without starter fertilizers. By helping plants use micronutrients in the soil to reach their full potential, starter fertilizers give crops a stronger start, which is especially important during variable spring conditions.

Dedicated to helping a grower’s plants reach their full potential, CHS continuously researches and develops new ways to improve their starter fertilizer product lines. Their latest technology, CHS Lumen, is an all-in-one starter fertilizer that contains unique chemistries to help grower’s reach their bottom line. It is a 5-15-3 fertilizer with 0.8% zinc included.

Boasting a 1:3 ratio of nitrogen to phosphorus, CHS Lumen contains two of the most important nutrient components in starter fertilizers. This 1:3 ratio has proven to be the optimal ratio for early plant growth and product stability.

Dual Action Chemistries

CHS Lumen is made with the pure ortho-ortho EDDHA chelate, and an advanced hemicellulose enzyme. Hemicellulose is an advanced enzyme that processes organic matter to release nitrogen, phosphorus and water.

When combined, the chelate and enzyme create a push-pull mode of action that redefines starter fertilizer efficiency by providing nutrition to the plant. This dual action makes nutrients more available and enhances the plant’s ability to take up those nutrients, correcting nutrient deficiencies.

Throughout 2018, CHS ran several trials using CHS Lumen. In one trial completed at the University of Illinois through Dr. Fred Below’s Crop Physiology Lab, results showed that using CHS Lumen products had a significant increase in the normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) over standard starter fertilizers.

Applying CHS Lumen

CHS Lumen can be used on soybeans, dry beans, sugar beets, corn, wheat, sunflowers and potatoes. This product is labeled for use as a starter fertilizer and also as a postemergence. When used as a postemergence, CHS Lumen helps prevent the occurrence of a nutrient deficiency or as remediation to an existing nutrient deficiency.

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