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CHS to host February-March educational grain webinar series

CHS is kicking off the new year with a series of educational grain marketing webinars.

Tune in to hear from grain experts across CHS as they dive into all aspects of grain marketing, from futures to basis and all things in between. They will also be discussing grain marketing contracts and the benefits and strategies behind each type. All of this is designed to help you get the most out of every bushel.


Recognize, respect risks associated with grain handling

Grain powers American agriculture. During Stand-Up for Grain Safety Week, March 25 through 29, we want to remind everyone working on farms and in grain-handling facilities to respect and understand the risks associated with working with grain.

“It’s important to continue to work with the industry, our employees and our farmer-owners on the hazards in the grain industry, while stressing safe practices and controls to ensure their safety,” says Matt Surdick, manager, Country Operations Environment, Health and Safety, CHS.


Market Rallies

Unloading Grain in Market Rallies


WILL SPRING EVER START? Rain, rain, and more rain has held everyone off from getting that good start on putting seed in the ground. While producers are waiting, they are watching the grain markets. We have seen some small market rallies with the weather being the focus. So, some producers have taken a step to sell some new and old crop. Doing something on a rally is better than doing nothing and wishing you had later. Watch for those market rallies because they may be short, but powerful enough to get you the price you are looking for.


  1. Commitment cards are going to be sent out in the very near future. This cards will give you the opportunity to tell us how many bushels you are committing to with this guaranteed grain delivery and storage opportunity. Please watch for this card in your mail.
  2. After we receive the cards back we will be sending out information on when the payment will be due, along with a contract to sign.

If you are still wanting to learn more about this opportunity click here.


by Helen Nemitz, Grain Originator

November Harvest Update

by Helen Nemitz, Grain Originator
Harvest continues, as we go along Mother Nature is doing her part in aiding in the release of moisture from the remaining beans and the abundant corn that is still standing in the fields. The beans are finally coming in under 13% on a consistent basis and some corn has gone from low 20’s to 16% moisture.
We are seeing great progress in field work as farmers are wrapping up the harvest and doing fall tillage. Some areas are still very wet which makes it harder to get the harvest off the fields. Those acres may have to wait for a longer period of freezing temperatures and yes that “S” word, Snow. This has been one of the warmer falls with temperatures that I can handle this late in November Any time I do not have to have my three shirts and a coat/gloves/boots, winter apparel on, is a great time. Others do not agree and would like to see the cold here already, but that is what makes it great, we can all have our own opinion.
At the elevator we are doing all we can to make space for the bumper crop and help our loyal patrons get done with this year’s awesome crop. Some of you may have noticed we have our pile done and covered in Readfield.  A big thank you goes out to all who have been patient with what we have been doing to continue to have grain flow through the elevator. Full does not mean that we are done for the season. Sometimes, it just means we need a day or two to move more out.
Just a gentle reminder to please call ahead for hours at the different facilities this time of year and thank you again for your continued patience and loyalty.
Have a safe Deer Hunting season and a very Happy Thanksgiving with your family and friends!!!

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