Tough Weeds Got You Down?

As we transition from pre emerge spraying to post applied there’s a new adjuvant to consider.  CHS Inc. offers a high-efficacy adjuvant, CHS Level Best™, a surfactant and deposition aid, which works to improve herbicide performance by maximizing uniform coverage, increasing wetting and providing strength to penetrate through waxy or weather-hardened cuticles. CHS Level Best works by spreading droplets, keeping droplets wetter longer, as well as helping penetrate leaf cuticles allowing for more overall herbicide uptake. By including an adjuvant with your herbicide, you are giving it the best opportunity to be successful in eliminating tougher weeds.

CHS Level Best can be used with a wide variety of herbicides and other adjuvants. It is designed to significantly increase performance over the standard adjuvant program and is compatible with a broad range of conventional and traited crops as well as non-crop situations. Give it a try today and see the results for yourself. Contact your agronomist for more details.

Written by: Jeremy Hunt, Agronomy Sales Manager

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