Town of Center Fire Department awarded CHS Safety Grant


On Friday, September 23, 2016 CHS Larsen Cooperative employees Jeremy Hunt, Andy VanDyck and Mary Kay Cleven awarded a CHS Safety grant for $1,825 to the Town of Center Fire Department Joe Hofacker, Fire Chief  and Matt Harrison. The fire department plans to use these funds to purchase a multi gas monitor. This would give them the tools to recognize and monitor hazardous gas furthering their capabilities in keeping our community safe.

The Town of Center Fire Department has a great working relationship with CHS Larsen Cooperative. Yearly, the fire department comes the co-op to do their annual training on advanced rescue and confined space, with neighboring mutual aid fire department. The emphasis of this training is to further understanding of the cooperative’s facilities, its hazards, and how they can better handle any possible firefighting or rescue needs.

This multi gas meter will help the fire department serve the community and the co-op by giving them the ability during an emergency call to detect a possible gas leak and to monitor for the presence of other dangerous gases. This is useful when determining if a home is safe for its occupants or if a location at the co-op is safe for firefighters to operate in.

“Having a multi gas monitor will help us in preventing further illness to occupants after they suspect a problem,” said Joe Hofacker, Town of Center Fire Chief, “Additionally this will also help firefighters to handle those emergencies in the safest way possible by being able to detect and monitor dangerous gases.”

CHS Larsen Cooperative is very grateful to have such a great fire department to work with in case of any future emergencies and is happy to provide opportunities to support them.

Picture- Left to Right: Jeremy Hunt, Matt Harrison, Joe Hofacker, Andy VanDyck and Mary Kay Cleven.

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