Weed Control Systems

Weed control has been on top of the mind for many growers the last year.  Troublesome weeds have started to pop up everywhere.  Because of these weeds, new methods of control have been developed and deployed for growers to use.

The team at CHS Larsen Co-op took advantage of the many acres of prevent plant to help sort out the differences in some of the weed control systems.  There are at least six different trait platforms a grower can choose from on soybeans.  This allows for a huge variation in the products that can be applied post emerge.  In addition to the base chemistries behind the systems, there’s an infinite amount of surfactant to go with. 

We took a deep dive investigation into the surfactants that go with the base systems.  This is where the interesting things happened.  Just by changing surfactant,  a grower’s weed control could be affected by 50%.  Choosing the right surfactant is almost as important as the base chemistry.  The Enlist ™ and Xtend® programs offered the best weed control when coupled with CHS Level Best.  Please contact your agronomist for more information. 

Written by: Jeremy Hunt, CCA, Agronomy Sales Manager

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