Weyauwega Annual Fire District Training at CHS Feed Mill

img_6658On Monday, October 10, 2016 the Weyauwega Area Fire District held a training on grain rescue safety for their volunteer fire fighters at CHS Larsen Cooperative, in Weyauwega. Harvest is well underway and farmers will soon be filling their grain bins again. Working in grain bins can be a dangerous activity. Thus, it is very important to be prepared for any unforeseen emergencies during harvest and have the proper training and equipment.

During the training on Monday night the fire department practiced a few rescue scenarios. They used their Grain Rescue Equipment, including the Great Wall of Rescue, ropes, and harnesses, which they were able to purchase last year with a CHS safety Grant. They partially buried a volunteer firefighter in a load of corn at the mill and then used the Great Wall of Rescue, which acts as a cofferdam, to properly rescue a victim out of loose grain.

There were about 20 volunteer fire fighters that attending the training Monday night. For some this was a refresher training while for others this was the first time using this equipment.

“When you don’t do something very often it is important to do it at least once a year to refresh everyone’s memory, said Don Heise, Weyauwega fire fighter, “We also like to rotate around our trainings to different businesses to become more familiar with our surroundings in case of an incident we are more prepared.”

They also we able to tour the mill during this training, this helps the firefighters to be more familiar with the CHS Larsen Cooperative Feed Mill. CHS Larsen Cooperative is very grateful to have such a great fire department to work with in case of any future emergencies.


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  1. Tom Murray says:

    Great article about our dedication to safety in our community!

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