Lawn & Garden

Our lawns and gardens are an extension of our homes, a way to express creativity, destress and enjoy the outdoors. CHS Larsen Cooperative Farm Store is here to help with it all. We take pride in offering the best quality seeds possible from companies throughout our great state. We can help you answer questions like: which grass seed is best for you? What is neutralizing acidic soils? What sweet corn is the current favorite? Is it too early to plant peas? What pest control option is best for your problem areas or headaches? We are the local experts here to help you!

Whether it be a lawn or yard you are hoping to achieve, we have you covered. We can work with you to get the results you want for your specific site.

From achieving the healthiest root base possible to maintaining; we offer soil samples, fertilizers, weed killers and of course grass seeds.

Getting started: we suggest soil samples. Optional but most often a wise choice to avoid unnecessary costs.

Once you receive your results, we carry a whole line of fertilizers:

  • 17-17-17
  • 12-12-12
  • 46-0-0
  • 25-0-6
  • 6-20-30
  • 0-0-64
  • Award weed and feed
  • Award crabgrass preventer     
  • Pelletized lime
  • We also carry water soluble options

Grass Seed

We only carry Premium Earth carpet grass blends from Wisconsin’s own LaCrosse Seed.

All blends are offered by the pound, in bulk or by the 50lb bag. With so many options, including two of our own New London blends. You’ll be seeing results in no time!

Seed Blends Include:

  • Madison parks             
  • Sunny Place        
  • Survivor
  • Shady place          
  • New London Premium      
  • New London Special
  • Quick 2 Grow            
  • Perennial Turf Rye         
  • Tall fescue


Again, with fertilizers, weed and feeds or other issues, our staff is here with options:

  • Broadleaf herbicides        
  • Pre & post-emergent crabgrass control           
  • Complete weed killers
  • Weed specific treatments        
  • Insecticides


Now if it’s gardening you enjoy, we have supplies for that too!

We carry Olds’ garden seed, another Wisconsin’s own, for over 100 years!

Our set up is unique in the way that we offer our seeds, by bulk. That means you can buy as little as one seed or as much as you want. Giving you complete control of your individual gardens. The vegetable seeds are sold by the ounce and sweet corn by the pound, with a 5-pound option as well.

We offer wildflower mixes geared towards pollinators, butterflies, perennials and even a Midwest mix. Flower seeds and herbs also available by packet. And if you don’t see what you are looking for, let us know. We will do what we can to accommodate you.

Each spring along with garden seeds we offer seed potatoes, onion sets and onion plants. New this year will be asparagus roots and hopefully garlic in the fall.

All again from another great Wisconsin family owned company since 1905! Okray family farms carries the best available varieties suited to our zones and will give you the yields to prove it!

If you’d like to read more on these great families history and how it became what it is today.  Here’s what they have to say about the products they sell:

The Olds’ brand dates to 1888, when Levitt Lincoln Olds’ founded the L.L. Olds’ Seed Co. at Clinton, Wisconsin. Through the years, Olds’ became known for selling only the finest quality seed of better varieties, whether selling alfalfa and seed potatoes for Wisconsin farms or garden seed through a mail order catalog for 97 years.  Today, 133 years later, Olds’ Garden Seed continues that tradition in its sales to independent garden retailers nationwide like us.

The Okray Advantage: “As a locally owned company, we are able to provide our customers with total quality control of the product we sell. We are not a broker, but a family owned grower, packer, and shipper of our own fresh produce, which allows us to control all aspects of the supply chain.

Voluntary annual 3rd party food safety audits help to further ensure that we are supplying our customers with a safe, high quality product in all regards. We are able to supply our customers with different varieties, sizes, and quantities of our own locally grown potatoes at competitive prices year round.”

 Along with garden seeds we carry a variety of soils, gypsum, pelletized lime, a whole range of fertilizers, fungicides, herbicides and even insecticides.

We carry all the tools, gloves and other miscellaneous items you could possibly need as well.

Have fruit trees? Yep, we can help with that too!

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