DSC05397smTo order propane, please call the main office:

Toll free: 866-455-7200
Local: 920-982-1111

Agricultural and Commercial accounts talk with your local Certified Energy Specialist about how we can help you.

Safe and dependable, so you can rest easy

You can trust us for all your propane services needs. As a hometown business with a great service team, we deliver safe, dependable propane to homes, farms and businesses throughout our service territory.

We’re committed to making safety a priority. We offer a full range of propane products and services, including tools to help you manage costs associated with propane market price fluctuations. Our experienced, approachable staff and trained delivery team members are always happy to answer your questions.

Clean, efficient propane is an alternative fuel that helps cut emissions and protect the environment. In fact, propane is the fuel source for more than 60 million Americans.

Please contact us today so we can personally discuss your needs. Whether it’s propane to fuel your grill and home, or propane to power your forklift or grain dryer, we understand how vital propane is to you. That’s why we work hard to secure propane supplies year-round and to provide flexible payment/pricing options and delivery schedules for your convenience. And, we’re always ready to work with you to plan ahead and evaluate your propane storage needs for your farm or business.

CHS Larsen Cooperative delivers propane to it’s agricultural, residential, and commercial customers. You can rest easy knowing we give our patrons 24 hour emergency service, competitive pricing, certified technicians and the most dependable delivery around.

We Care about our Customer’s from Customer Service to Drivers: 

“I’m writing to tell you that Joel Schoenhofen, one of your propane delivery drivers, provides me with exceptional customer service. Whenever Joel makes a propane delivery he is always efficient and gets his job done with zero fuss. Best of all, though, is that Joel is friendly and makes me feel like a special customer. Most recently, Joel rescheduled his delivery in order to give my plowing service time to clean my driveway and allow safe passage of the propane truck. He was simultaneously professional, cheerful and accommodating. I spent 40+ years in customer service roles and have trained employees to be service-oriented. I know how hard it is to find people who “get it” and I wanted you to know that Joel does “get it” and makes you look good in the process. Joel is efficient and warm at the same time and, while our encounters are brief, I look forward to seeing him. Joel does not know that I’m sending this message. I simply hope that you value him as an employee and find ways to express your appreciation to him for who he is and how he does his work.”

Sincerely, Mike Pagel, Amherst

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Do You Know How to Read Your Tank Gauge?  

First, you need to find the correct gauge, see picture to the left. Most propane tanks have a dome or cover that protects the valves, regulator, and gauges from the weather. Lift the dome. (In the summer months be careful. Wasps and hornets like to build nests under the dome.) You should see one or two gauges. If you see only one gauge (like the one to the left), it is likely your liquid level gauge. If you see two gauges, one of them is your liquid level gauge and the other is a pressure gauge that will say “PSI” somewhere on the dial. The gauge pictured currently shows the tank at 52%, but the level of the tank will change with temperature. In cold weather, the tank level will read lower than it will during warm weather, even though it has the same number of gallons in the tank. Customers may perceive they have a leak if they check the tank in the afternoon of one day, and then recheck the morning of the next day, as the tank levels may be different, depending on the temperature change.

CHS Larsen Cooperativer has your best interest in mind

  • No Hidden Fees: no hazmat, delivery, or extra tank fees
  • Free Tank Lease (first year and 500 gallons annual usage)
  • Multiple contract and payment options (budget, prepay, term pay)
  • Dependable supplier- locally store 568,000 gallons in WI as well as a rail terminal to receive supply in Black Creek
  • Large service area, covering 20 counties in WI and 3 in U.P. Michigan
  • Let us worry about keeping your tank full with Degree Day Programing to track your tank usage dependent on weather
  • Combine your cottage and home propane usage and have free lease on both tanks as well as only one simple bill
  • Your Family’s Safety is our Top Priority

Your family’s safety is our top priority

  • All employees from customer service to delivery driver are CETP trained. Our people know how to handle any propane safety issues.
  • 24/7 Live Emergency Service, our local employees are available 365 days a year
  • Annual LP community safety trainings and controlled burn lessons
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Propane Customer Testimonials
Dear CHS Larsen Cooperative, The reason for this message is to express my gratitude for the outstanding customer service you provided to me when I recently became a new propane customer. I had contact with the office staff and propane tank installer and was treated the way a customer should be. In today’s society, customer service appears not to be a priority for many businesses. However, it was evident to me that CHS Larsen Cooperative goes above and beyond to take care of their customers. Thank you and keep up the good work!” – Sincerely, Heather and Ben Schindel
“We love to work with CHS Larsen Co-op. They are like family if you need anything they will find away to help you.” – Amy Sievert from Sievert Dairy 

Your Family’s Safety is Top Priority
Propane Safety is our #1 Priority
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Ask about Tank Sizing.

Propane Farm Incentive Program
We have a great opportunity for farmers looking to add on.
Propane Farm Incentive ProgramThe Propane Farm incentive program may provide farmers purchase incentives up to $5,000 for propane powered equipment. Includes but not limited to: heat, water heating, corn dyers, vehicles, etc. Click here to learn more.
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