Wild Bird

If bird seed is what you are looking for, then you came to the right place! 

We order in small batches, so you get the freshest seed blends possible. 

There are blends for a variety of different birds and wildlife alike. We carry bulk seeds as well, either to feed straight products or like some customers, create your very own mixes.

Bulk varieties include:

  • Nyjer/thistle seed
  • Safflower
  • Sunflower meats
  • Black oil sunflower seeds
  • Whole peanuts
  • Shelled peanuts

One of our top sellers, the Deluxe cardinal blend is always a great choice. Most varieties are sold in multiple different sizes for your convenience. Our bulk peanuts (shell or shelled) are offered in three different sizes and are LOVED by wildlife of all kinds. Not to forget corn, we carry both cracked and shelled corn as well.  

Along with so many seed options, we offer a constantly changing selection of feeders:

  • Hummingbird feeders
  • Seed feeders
  • Peanut feeders
  • Suet feeders
  • Even squirrel feeders!  

We also offer hooks of all kinds for use in trees or right into the ground.

Suets? You bet! Stackm’ seed cakes? That’s right! We have those too! And don’t forget that feeder! 

Stop in today to see our latest collections and what we have to offer! 

Whole in shell peanuts
Shelled peanuts
Fruit-n-Berry Blend
Nyjer seed
Finch blend
Deluxe Cardinal Blend
Sunflower meats
Safflower seeds
Black oil Sunflower seeds

There are so many GREAT reasons why to feed mealworms!

Not only are they nutritious in many ways but they can attract an whole new assortment of birds to your back yard.

Offering them in spring after a long winter, ensures the healthiest transition into the upcoming year.

They are a great source protein, fat, fiber and can even be rehydrated with water or nectar.

You’ll be birdwatching in no time and feeling good about it too!

So stop on down today and grab yourself a bag! They’ll love you for it!

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